January 1, 2019

Temple Run on Windows Phone 8

With the commencement and deployment of the most advanced mobile platforms and operating systems, gaming companies have got high mileage to come up with more exciting and platform friendly games. As a result, a tough competition among the game developers has being realized and the zeal for developing more and more amazing games among the developers has been found. One of such games is Temple Run.

The world’s most fascinating and popular game Temple Run, which has already been deployed on Window 8, has now been upgraded to support handhelds having more than 512MB RAM.

Still the maker Imangi Studios has not made any change on the games listing page on Windows phone store; rather the developer is only tweeting about it.

The versatile game, Temple Run was recently criticized for its configuration requirements concerning the hardware and software needs. However, the game was being played on manifold devices like Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 925, Lumia 920, and HTC 8X and platforms like Windows Phone 8 and 1GB RAM. Customers having low end handhelds of Window platforms and meager RAM were left behind.

As the game was still limited to the Windows 8 platform, the maker now has optimized it upon the reviews of the various enthusiasts to run on 512 MB RAM. As a result, enormous users can now play the magnificent game on their handheld on Windows Phone 8 platform as Lumia 520, Lumia 620, and Lumia 720 is available now in the market. HTC 8S Windows 8 handheld also has an inbuilt 512 MB RAM.

During the time when the article was written, the game was not available on the Play Store of Nokia Lumia 520. We also tried to open a link to fetch the store through Internet Explorer, but an error was thrown earlier – “The app needs uses feature that your phone does not have.” Most probably the error was due to the absence of availability of the update in the Indian store when the article was posted.

The roll out of the original Temple Run on Windows 8 was done by the developer following the launch of many latest versions on multiple platforms. The significant achievement was the launch of Temple Run 2, which become popular globally and was the most magnificent success ever realized in the world of mobile gaming. It is the most fast growing mobile game across the planet and upon its launch it has realized 50 million downloads in just 2 weeks. Its users are highly enthusiastic about the commencement of more amazing versions for more advanced Windows platforms and by the upcoming year the developer is really looking forward to bring in more conceptual and social games on mobile platforms. However, its launch on Window 8, 512 MB RAM was a great achievement but the developers and researchers are still looking for more plug-ins that can make its new generation games more friendly to any higher version memory system and operating system.

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