Top 5 best music albums of September 2019

 1. Nile Rodgers & Chic

 “It’s About Time”

The leader of Chic, an outstanding guitarist, a New York producer of many key 1980s albums (For example, he worked with David Bowie, Duran Duran, and others) Nile Rodgers is releasing his first album in 26 years. And in this vibrant, euphoric music, the signature groove of his best recordings is recognized from the first seconds. New tracks were recorded with various vocalists and rappers, and the only old hit in the album, Chic "I Want Your Love," 1978, was sung by Lady Gaga herself. 

2. Prince

 “Piano A Microphone 1983”

Rumors that the secret pantries of a brilliant workaholic contain miles of tapes with unreleased music are confirmed. Prince’s first posthumous album is a tape recording of his rehearsal in his home studio in 1983, that is, made before the release of the grandiose Purple Rain and the artist’s worldwide fame. But the version of the title track of the future bestseller is already here. As the name promises, in the album, we can hear only vocals and piano. These are raw and beautiful recording that allows us to look into the musician’s creative heart.

3. Jungle

 “For ever”

The London collective became famous four years ago for their amazing dance videos, strangely contrasting with their ghostly electronic soul. Jungle recorded their second album in Los Angeles, the sun of which added more pop shades to its sound and rhythm. But their hedonistic tracks with atmospheric falsetto lines and elastic rhythms are still wrapped in some kind of ambient haze. And in any case, be sure: XL Recordings label (well known for work with The Prodigy), won’t work with rubbish.

 4. Paul McCartney

 “Egypt Station”

Over the years, Sir Paul regularly writes albums, and a five-year break between them is not a deadline for the 76-year-old master. Egypt Station sounds just like Paul McCartney’s exemplary album should be. It is very rich in moods, melodies, and arrangements: from semi-acoustic ballads and anthem, like People Want Peace to the almost erotic song Come On to Me, and electro-samba Back In Brazil. Add here a 7-minute anti-Trump protest song Despite Repeated Warnings, and in the end, you will get a perfect album. It is in principle no longer possible to treat his creations bad, because everything that celestials like McCartney do is priceless.

5. Brockhampton


The history of California-based rap group Brockhampton, led by Kevin Abstract, is an exemplary example of how rapidly underground hip-hop can become mainstream. Covering the first singles in 2015 and releasing three albums in a row last year, the community of DJs, vocalists, and designers signed a three-year contract with a major record company for 15 million dollars.  Their first major album was recorded prominently with a string ensemble and a gospel choir - and shows that the team remains at the forefront of American hip-hop. Unfortunately, on their way to success, they were forced to say "bye" to their fellow Amir Bath, accused of sexual harassment.

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